The Stand’s guide to Raisin

Don’t know what’s expected of you this Raisin Weekend? The Stand gives it to you straight.


Review: Pornography

It quite literally went out with a bang!

Scotland's new bag tax seeks to minimize liter like this

Shopping bag tax started today

As if you didn’t spend enough at Tesco already…

Freshers having fun with foam

Five things to do this week

I know it’s been a killer of a weekend, Bongo on Friday, Raisin yesterday, but let’s hope you still have some energy left to do some of these things


Review: Bongo Ball

Miranda loves the bongo enthusiasm, yet not a fan of power shortages


Five Songs to Mentally Prepare you for Raisin

Don’t worry! The Stand will get you through the weekend with a bit of empowering music

Freshers' foam fight in Sallies Quad

No Phone Service on Raisin?!

Help, I can’t add the foam fight to my Snapchat story!


Cycling in St Andrews

Charlotte Adams on the perils of being a biker in St Andrews.

Tristram - The Stand

Tristram Saunders: DAY-TRIPPER

Tristram explores a strange new land, and puts things in his mouth.


Preview: Pornography

Interview with the producers of St Andrews’ most scandalously titled play


Students warned about Raisin anti-social behaviour

A unique experience, and one which most other universities would long since have prohibited

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