For anyone who ever said it’s not easy being green, you’re clearly not hanging out with the right crowd!

Last Friday played host to what can only be considered a magical night. At Dance Soc’s annual ball, this year centred on the theme of Oz, guests were escorted into a transformed version of Younger Hall, and truly brought to the Emerald City. Walking in wearing a sequined emerald dress (I opted out of the red heels), I felt right at home walking down the yellow brick road onto the dance floor. Decorated with many balloons and surrounded by fairy lights and green decorations, I was thoroughly impressed with the swankified venue, and looked forward to the coming performances.


While I started off the evening with a healthy helping of Janetta’s ice cream, I watched more guests pour in, have their pictures taken, and hit the floor for drinks and dancing. After enjoying the free—and strangely delicious—punch I was unceremoniously dragged on to the dance floor, where I promptly made a fool of myself. Dancing in a club or dancing in my room is no sweat, but putting me in heels and giving me a partner, well that’s dangerous business. Twisting and turning with the other guests to a live band, while embarrassing for someone who clearly doesn’t belong to Dance Soc, was a great way to get into the groove of the night.

As The Big Band finished an outstanding set, guests grabbed some Oz-themed cocktails and cleared the dance floor, giving a warm welcome to the glittering Blue Angels Dance Team. After a beautiful performance to Wicked’s “Dancing Through Life” and, in keeping to the theme, a routine to “Dancing in the Dark”, some of St Andrews’ best dancers left the floor and made way for the spectacular Desert Roses. If it wasn’t the flashy rose coloured leggings, then it was surely the second I heard the start of a bootylicious Beyoncé medley that had me wildly cheering for this talented group of girls. After the performances finished, guests hit the floor and started dancing away to the tunes of DJ SAUNIT.

A more intimate ball, Oz Ball welcomed the many members of Dance Soc, friends, and anyone in St Andrews that has those dancing feet. The great variety of people was perhaps seen best in the outfits worn, from sequins and trailing trains to a pair of modernised glittery ruby red platforms, guests ran with the theme and brought the fabulous, magical nature of the Emerald City to life. While the venue wasn’t packed with guests from start to finish, everyone there certainly enjoyed themselves. To the guests who opted out of dancing and instead took to the seating area, I beg you to get on your feet and dance next year; you cannot possibly look more foolish than me, so you’re out of excuses. Regardless, I found that the night overall was a success, and it certainly defied my expectations. From keeping on point with the theme in terms of drinks, décor, and music, to keeps guests entertained with music and dancing all night, it was a smashing night out with the danciest crowd in town.