Never say Americans are good for nothing.

The Times Higher Education has released their annual ranking of the top 100 most international universities in the world.

St Andrews finished in 16th place in this year’s rankings, moving up one place from 2014. This is a position just low enough, observant readers will note, to not earn an image of the university on the Times website, which was given to the top 15.

The only British universities above St Andrews are University College London (15th), University of Oxford (14th), Imperial College (8th) and Royal Holloway in 6th place.

The list is based on the 400 universities that feature in the Times Higher Education ranking annually. The ranking considers several factors, such as percentage of international staff, percentage of international students and research produced with at least one international co-author.

The most international university of 2015 is the Swiss University École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. It takes first place with a student body of 10,000 students where half of them are international.

In comparison, a third of the 7,200 St Andrews students are international, representing 120 different nationalities.